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We help Startups to grow their Tech team!

We help Startups to Hire Developers on GoLang | Node.js | Angular | DevOps | Ansible | Jenkins | PHP | Python | Solr | MongoDB | AWS | Docker | Linux and many other technologies

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Our services

We provide high quality service in the follow areas of our expertise

Freelance Staffing

We provide Freelance developers for Startups for their custom tech requirements on [ GoLang, Node.js, Angular, Python, PHP, MongoDb, AWS, DevOps,... ].

Contract Staffing

We provide Short | Long | Temp Contract Staffing Service to Startups.

Backend Development

Our backend tech. stack includes GoLang, Node.js, Python, PHP,MongoDB,MySQL etc

Front End Development

For Front End we are using Angular

Cloud Management

We are experts in Managing, Scaling & Load Balancing the apps deployed in Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & RackSpace.


We practice DevOps using Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, & Ansible.

Our Tech Stack

List keeps growing...

Our Clients

Few of our clients

Recent Projects

Mentions & Testimonials

"Startup Tech Team are great to work with, they produce the goods and deliver the software on time and in line with the clients expectations!"
Client review about development experience with Startup Tech
Mike Overton
Contracts Manager/Superintendent at Water Corporation, Australia.
"Startup Tech is an excellent team of developers and they offers top-quality software development covering a wide range of languages & frameworks. They are responsive & personable. I would gladly recommend them for future work.!"
Client review about development experience with Startup Tech
Tom Yoritaka
VC | CEO | CTO London, UK.
"I remember the time when facebook had changed it's APIs when I was on vacation, and the POC site of my startup failed. I was in India calling web developers to see if someone could help. Most of them wanted a contract and terms first before even talking. Sirin was the only one to ask about the problem first, and he started fixing it right away. In no time, the site was working again, and the POC was saved! I was so impressed with Sirin and his company. Sirin is a rare find, someone who really cares about work and customers. Trust Sirin to make things happen!"
Client review about development experience with Startup Tech
Abitha Padmanabhan
Engineering Leader, Cupertino, California
"I can say that Sirn & his company is one of the most customer-oriented Tech consultant I've ever met. He will deliver result you want.!"
Client review about development experience with Startup Tech
Mie Shinohara
Research Professional, Australia.

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